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Photo taken by SOS Enfants in Cameroon.


Why help finance school hours?

The latest UNESCO report from 2018 shows that one in five children under the age of 18 does not go to school. There are many and complex reasons for dropping out of school, but some major barriers can be identified :
Gender. Girls in rural areas are often excluded and this phenomenon is accentuated by early motherhood.
Poverty. Tuition fees and associated costs (uniforms, supplies) can be barriers to education. Families are often forced to choose between paying for school or dropping out of school, the second choice being when they do not have enough money.
Lack of safety. Children can have long distances to go to school, on sometimes dangerous roads. Their parents often prefer to keep them safe at home.
Child labour. Some children work in the fields or have to fetch water to help their parents, reducing their time at school. Others are forced to leave school to work in extremely dangerous conditions (in mines or to make bricks, for example).
Disasters and wars. When a natural disaster occurs (such as an earthquake) or conflict erupts, schooling is often interrupted. Moreover, emergencies are traumatic for children. In some countries at war, children can be recruited to become child soldiers and are thus prevented from going to school.

Discrimination. Marginalized groups face difficulties in getting their children into school. Too often, children who are perceived to be different because of their poverty, language, gender or culture are discriminated against and excluded from school.

The vocation of the associations we support is to offer all these children the opportunity to have access to education and, as a result, to their own development. By making a donation, you are providing them with valuable financial assistance to accomplish their mission.


Who are YouCare’s partner associations ?

YouCare provides financial support to SOS Enfants, FedForKids and STEPS Academy Africa, whose mission is to support education programmes and create schools to ensure the education of the world’s most vulnerable children.

You can discover on our map all the associations we support. For each of them, you will find their contact information in their description.
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How is my donation used ?

It is our duty to offer you maximum visibility on the use of your donation.

When you make a donation via our donation page, it is entirely collected by the YouCare Association, which then donates 70 % of your donation to its partner associations.

For instance, if you make a donation of 10 euros, 7 euros will be donated to YouCare partner associations, which will allow you to offer 70 hours of schooling to children from disadvantaged countries. (Access the details of the calculation here.)

The remaining 30 % is used to cover the operating costs of our solidarity search engine YouCare, which, unlike its competitors, uses half of its advertising revenues to help its partner associations financially. Click here to try YouCare.


Proof of donations

You will find on our donations certificates page the history of all donations made to our partner associations.

Certificates of donations


In addition to our donation certificates, we ask our partner associations to regularly send us, as soon as they have the time and opportunity, pictures of the children in the schools in order to share with you the evolution of the projects.

Photos of donations



Is my donation subject to a tax reduction ?

If you are a french individual, you can deduct 66 % of your donations from your income tax. The reduction applies up to 20 % of your taxable income. For example, if you give 50 euros, your donation will actually cost you only 17 euros. To learn more about the deductibility of your donations, click here.
If you are a company domiciled in France, you can deduct 60 % of the amount of your donations from your income tax or corporate tax, up to a maximum of 5 per thousand of annual turnover excluding tax (ceiling applied to all payments made) of your company.
The reduction is subtracted from the amount of tax payable by the donating company in the year of the payments. To learn more about the deductibility of your donations, click here.


How do I get my tax receipt ?

When you make a donation via our donation page, it is collected by the YouCare Association, which transfers it to its partner associations.

Once you have made your donation, you will receive a summary email from the YouCare Association. In this email, you will find a link to get your tax receipt.

If you cannot find our email, you can obtain your tax receipt via the button below.

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How to contact us ?

You can send us a message using our contact page.

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