How do your searches allow to offer drinking water to disadvantaged populations ?

When you carry out 1 search with YouCare you allow to finance the extraction of 7 liters of drinking water to the poorest populations.

YouCare financially supports Solidarité Eau Afrique , whose mission is to drill wells in Benin in order to improve access to drinking water.

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About Solidarité Eau Afrique :

Solidarité Eau Afrique was founded in 2015 by Katia Ranno. Its headquarters is located in Fully, in the canton of Valais in Switzerland and the association is recognized as a public utility by the State of Valais. 

Fallen in love with Benin and its inhabitants during a solidarity trip, Katia wanted to continue to support these disadvantaged populations once back in Switzerland.

In September 2018, she choses to focus her actions on drilling wells, the lack of access to drinking water being one of the most serious problems in Benin.

Solidarité Eau Afrique guarantees that 100 % of donations are used to carry out well drilling projects in Benin.

Solidarité Eau Afrique works directly, without intermediary, and the association makes sure on the spot the proper execution of the drilling works that it finances.

Discover how Solidarité Eau Afrique works in video :



What is the cost of extracting one litre of drinking water :

The cost of extracting one litre of drinking water is 0,00028 euro.

You will find below the calculation explaining this cost. This calculation is based on the data provided by the association Solidarité Eau Afrique

The average cost of drilling is 10,000 euros. This cost includes labour, equipment required for the work and the transportation of the equipment to the drilling site.

The average annual cost of well maintenance is 50 euros.

The wells installed by Solidarité Eau Afrique are equipped with hand-operated pumps and the average number of litres of drinking water that this type of well can extract per hour is 400 litres.

The average life of a well is 50 years.

The maintenance cost over 50 years is 2,500 euros (50 years x 50 euros). Adding this cost of 2,500 euros to the installation costs of 10,000 euros results in a total installation and maintenance cost over 50 years of 12,500 euros.

On average, a well is used at full capacity for 6 hours per day, or 2,400 litres of drinking water are extracted per day on average (400 litres of drinking x 6 hours). 

Throughout his life (50 years), a well will extract 43,8 million litres of drinking water.

If the total cost of installation and maintenance over 50 years (12,500 euros) is reduced to the number of litres of drinking water that a well will extract during its lifetime (43.8 million euros), the cost of extraction of one litre of drinking water is 0,00028 euro, or 0,028 euro cents.

By performing 1 search on YouCare, you generate 0.22 euro cents of advertising revenue for the good deed you support. Since the extraction of 7 litres of drinking water is 0,22 cents euro (0,22 divided by 0,028 equals 7,8 rounded to 7), you just have to do a search to extract 7 litres of drinking water.

To learn more about YouCare’s revenue streams, visit this page : How does YouCare finance good deeds ?


The problem of access to drinking water :

Access to drinking water is a right, not a privilege. Source of life, this precious resource is so rare and so poorly shared on our planet that it is called “blue gold”. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in three people worldwide does not have quick access to drinking water.

Access to drinking water profoundly and sustainably changes the lives of the most disadvantaged, especially women and children who devote up to 6 hours per day to providing water to their homes.

A drinking water well allows :

– Improvement of hygiene, health and living conditions ;

– Education for children, access to education and knowledge ;

– The emancipation of women has a driving effect on the economy through the development of activities such as market gardening and tourism.

To solve the problem of access to drinking water and thus guarantee this fundamental right, it is imperative that each government invest in their communities.

It is possible to help these people immediately by financially supporting associations such as Solidarité Eau Afrique, who drill wells to provide sustainable access to drinking water for those who have no access.

Photo taken by the association Solidarité Eau Afrique, in Benin.