How do I change my banking information?

When you make a monthly donation to support a good deed, you provide your banking information. You may need to change the bank account you donate with if, for example :

1) You have changed your bank account ;

2) You just want to make your donations from a new credit card.


Change my payment information

1) To change your bank details, simply go to “My account” :

2) Once in your account, you can scroll to the part about your monthly donation. Here, click on “Modify my donation” :
3) Then, select the “Modify my credit card” button, as in the following picture :
4) You just have to enter your new payment information in the window that appears :
5) To confirm that your change has been saved, the green phrase “your modification has been taken into account” must appear :

Finally, you should receive an email confirming that the credit card associated with your monthly donation has been changed.

There you go, it’s done !


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