Why should I deactivate my ad blocker on YouCare?

YouCare uses its advertising revenue to finance your good deeds. Our advertisement are non-invasives, we do not record your personal datas and will never resell any information about our users.

How does YouCare generates income to finance your good deeds ?

We generate incomes through sponsored links. When you search for, for example, “Hotel in Madrid”, then a company such as Booking will pay to be found first in the results.

Usually these are the first three results are marked as “ad”. More precisely, we are remunated by this partner each time a user clicks on their link.

We do not transmit datas to these partners about our users. They only are displayed first on the searches they have selected : example : “Hotel in Madrid” for Booking or the search “iPhone” for Back Market.

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We can also display products in thumbnails in order to highlight our partners offers.


How is the income divided ?

Every 45 researches, an average user achieves enough clicks on commercial links for YouCare to earn 20 euro cents in ad revenue.

Of these 20 euro cents, 10 cents are used to finance good deeds. The others 10 cents are used to pay YouCare structural costs, such as the salaries of our team based in France, the servers, the rent, etc.

YouCare therefor donates 50% of its turnover to carry out your good deeds.


Security and protection of your privacy ?

In order to protect you, we use technologies equivalent to the security level of a banking system. We obtain the best rating (A+) in  the Qualys SSL Labs test on the quality of the security of exchanges between your browser and our servers. Thus, we ensure that no one can intercept your searches.

In order to protect your privacy, YouCare does not use fingerprinting or behavioral targeting technologies. We do not save your searches and will never resell information about our users.