How YouCare offsets its carbon footprint

Each month, YouCare funds the planting of trees around the world through ForestCalling Action to offset 100 % of the CO₂ emissions of its servers, its activity on its premises and the trips of its staff.

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The first ForestCalling Action programs are in Madagascar, a country where 44 % of the tropical forest has disappeared in the last 60 years, and where in 2017, 510,000 hectares of forest were destroyed, according to the Global Forest Watch study.
During its growth, a tree captures CO₂ by producing roots, wood, bark and leaves. On average, a tree captures 7 kg of CO₂ per year. Depending on the species, the growing period can last between several decades and several hundred years.
The cost of planting a tree by ForestCalling Action is 10 cents euro on average. This cost includes the costs of planting the tree and controlling its growth until it becomes self-sufficient.
For the sake of compensation efficiency and for the calculation of CO emissions, a low capture period of 10 years was chosen.
The CO₂ emissions produced by Microsoft to provide YouCare’s research results are offset 100 % through their zero-carbon program.
Young tree shoots in one of the ForestCalling Action nurseries.