How YouCare offsets its carbon footprint

Every month, YouCare funds the planting of trees worldwide through the Eden Reforestation Projects association in order to offset 100% of the CO emissions of its servers, its activity in its premises and the movements of its staff.

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In order to ensure the sustainability of its plantations worldwide, Eden Reforestation Projects plants trees in rural areas targeted by no plan of deforestation or urban construction. Eden Reforestation Projects also conducts regular checks to ensure that their plantations are not exploited for their timber.

As it grows, a tree captures CO2 by producing roots, wood, bark and leaves. On average a tree captures 7 kg of CO2 per year. Depending on the species, the growing season can last from several decades to several hundred years.

The cost of planting a tree by Eden Reforestation Projects varies depending on the country where the tree is planted, this cost is between €0.10 and €0.31. This cost includes the costs of planting the tree and controlling its growth until it becomes self-sufficient.

For the sake of compensation efficiency and for the calculation of CO2 emissions, a low capture period of 10 years and the highest planting cost (€0.31) was chosen.

The CO2 emissions produced by Microsoft to provide YouCare’s research results are offset 100% through their zero-carbon program.