How YouCare can financially help your animal protection association

Can my association collect donations from YouCare?

YouCare is a search engine like Google, except that YouCare users can financially support the association of their choice through their searches.

A YouCare user generates an average of 7 euros of advertising revenue per year thanks to his research. If the user so decides, he can choose your association as the beneficiary of the advertising revenues of his searches.

In order for our users to choose your association, it must be registered on YouCare.

For the moment, only associations (or federations of associations) working in the field of animal protection and having dependent animals can register on YouCare.

To register your association on YouCare please fill in our form:

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How to collect donations from YouCare?

As a reminder, YouCare users support the association of their choice. If you want your association to be helped by as many people as possible on YouCare, the most effective way is to invite your community to use YouCare to support you.

Once you have completed our registration form, we will contact you by email to provide you with all the elements you will need to invite your community to support you on YouCare.


What happens once I have invited my community to support my association with YouCare?

Your community will use YouCare to do its searches on the Internet and to support your association.

Each time a user performs 45 searches, he generates an average of 20 euro cents of advertising revenue. Of these 20 euro cents, we give 10 to your association. The remaining 10 are used to amortize YouCare’s structural costs such as servers, salary costs, rent, etc.

For the user, the 10 cents we pay you are converted into meals for the animals of your association. So 45 searches equivalent to 1 meal offered to an animal of your association.

Thanks to its search counter, the user can track the number of meals he has offered to your association.

We don’t give food to your association, we give it financial donations because only your association knows the food needs of its animals.

The cost of a meal was estimated at 10 euro cents. This is the remaining cost of an association to feed a dog, a cat or an unusual pet (rabbits, birds, reptiles, etc.). This cost also takes into account the fact that associations benefit from preferential rates on their food purchases and donations of food by those who support them.

Here is an example of a user search counter.


How do I track donations generated by users who support us on YouCare?

On YouCare, you can track the total amount of donations generated by users who support your association. Here’s how:

1. Visit
2. In the Current Good Deed section click on Change my good deed
3. Choose Offer meals to animals in shelters
4. Click on Yes, I’d like to choose an organization
5. The list of associations registered on YouCare is displayed
6. Use the search bar to find your association in this list
7. Click on More information to see the details of your file

Below is an example of the detailed sheet of the association La Tanière. For your information, this screenshot was taken 3 weeks after the registration of this association.

The detailed information sheet of an association allows you to consult the donations generated by the users of YouCare who support this association.

Now, let’s imagine that the sheet of La Tanière is your association’s.


This figure represents the number of users who have chosen to support your association. The more people you invite to use YouCare to support you, the more donations you generate for your association.


This figure corresponds to the number of meals offered for the animals of your association thanks to the 1108 users who support you. As a reminder, 45 searches are equal to a meal offered to an animal of your association and the value of a meal is 10 cents euros. 745 meals therefore correspond to 74.5 euros of donations for your association.

3 000

This figure corresponds to the number of meals offered at YouCare’s initiative for your association. 3000 meals correspond to 300 euros of donations. In addition to the meals offered by the users who support your association, YouCare may make additional donations to your association.

To sum up, according to the detailed information sheet above, the total amount of meals offered for the animals of your association would be 3745 meals (745 + 3000), or 374.5 euros of donations.

How are donations donated to our association ?

YouCare makes the payment of its donations either by bank transfer, by the RIB that your association has provided during its registration, or in the form of vouchers at our partner sites, specialized in the sale of food and products for animals.

Each quarter, donations are automatically donated to your association, provided that the amount of donations owed to you exceeds 100 euros.

Each time a donation is made, you will receive a notification e-mail. We use the e-mail that your association provided during its registration.

How to access the history of YouCare’s donation to my association ?

To view donations YouCare already made to your association, you just have to click Certificates of Donations from the detailed sheet of your association.

Below is an example of the certificates of donations of the association La Tanière.

As you can see, the certificate of donation indicates that we already offered 3000 meals to La Tanière, or 300 euros of donations.

As a reminder, in the example above the total amount of meals offered for La Tanière was 3745 meals (745 + 3000), or 374.5 euros of donations. This therefore means that YouCare has a remainder to pay to La Tanière of 74.5 euros. As explained above, the remainder to be paid will be given by YouCare to La Tanière , once it has reached the minimum threshold of 100 euros.

If you need any further information, please contact us at :


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