How does YouCare count your searches ?

Good to know :

YouCare is a charitable search engine using its advertising revenue to carry out good deeds around the world.

Some people are tempted to use YouCare to do good deeds by doing a lot of research in a row, without the intention of doing research that is useful to them.

This type of behaviour often starts from a good intention to perform a maximum of good deeds quickly but this results in degrading the value of a research to fund good actions. If everyone did that, YouCare would disappear. Our project works if our users use the search engine normally. By integrating it into their daily habits.

To avoid this, we have set up an anti-spam system that activates when you do several searches in a very short time. Indeed, you may have already seen the window below on YouCare.

By performing several searches in a row your counter will temporarily freeze so that only the first search is counted.


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