How not to lose your search counter

Important :

If your search counter has reset, rest assured, all your research has been turned into good deeds.

There are two reasons why your search counter is reset :

– Either you have deleted your browsing history.

– Or you have changed your good deed.


I deleted my browsing history :

We advise you not to delete your browsing history and cookies for because without this information, YouCare cannot count your previous searches.

Tip : By creating your YouCare account, your search counter will never reset, even if you delete your browsing history and cookies.

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Why did my browsing history and cookies disappeared ?

1) You may have voluntarily deleted your browsing history and cookies.

2) You may have used a software to clean your computer which, during the clean-up, deleted your browsing history and cookies.

3) Your browser is configured to delete your history every time you restart. You must change this setting in your browser if you do not want your search counter to reset every time you restart.


I changed my good deed :

Your search counter can reset when you change your good deed.

Indeed, if it is a good deed that you had never chosen before, then your search counter is reset because you have not yet done any research to support this new good deed.

To make sure, if you go back to your previous good deed, you will see that your search counter displays all the researches you have done for that good deed.

If you want to see how many searches you’ve done for each of your good deeds, go to the My Account page.

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