How do your searches allow you to offer meals to shelter animals ?

When you do 45 searches with YouCare you allow to finance 1 meal to an animal in a shelter.

YouCare mainly supports independent structures with no public support.

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How do 45 searches offer a meal to an animal in a shelter ?

Good health depends on good nutrition, and only shelters know the food needs of the animals they care for. This is why YouCare prefers to make financial donations to its partner shelters rather than having them deliver food that may not be adapted to their animals.

The cost of a meal is 10 euro cents. This is the remaining cost of a shelter to feed a dog, cat or unusual pets (Rabbits, Birds, Reptiles, etc.). This cost reflects the fact that shelters benefit from preferential rates on their food purchases and from food donations by those who support them.

By doing 45 searches with YouCare, you generate 10 euro cents of advertising revenue for the good deed you support. Since the cost of a meal is 10 euro cents, you only need to do 45 searches to offer a meal to an animal in a shelter.

To learn more about YouCare’s revenue streams, visit this page: How does YouCare finance good deeds ?


Why help animal shelters ?

There are over 200,000 animals awaiting adoption in France. This situation is entirely managed by the shelters, which have to deal with many tasks in order to carry out this mission, such as :

– Find an adoption family for each of their animals ;

– Receive abandoned, abused or lost animals ;

– Care for and walk the animals in the shelters ;

– Investigate and rescue animals reported for abuse ;

– Combat animal overpopulation through sterilization programs ;

– Promote animal protection.

All these tasks entail significant costs which are only partially covered by adoption costs. By using YouCare and choosing this good deed, you relieve the expenses of the shelters by covering a part of their expenses in animal food.

Comment tes recherches permettent d’offrir des repas aux animaux des refuges
Photo taken by the SPA, in France.