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YouCare is the search engine that donates meals to animals in shelters thanks to its ad revenue.

By replacing your current search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) with YouCare, you donate a meal to an animal every 45 searches.

Most YouCare users make seven searches per day, which on average allows them to donate one meal per week!

Thanks to YouCare, you can help animals in need even if you don’t have the time to volunteer or the means to donate to shelters. It’s a small change that makes a big difference!

YouCare’s 170,000 users have already donated 660,000 meals to animals in shelters.

This search engine, founded by Thomas Moreau and Charles Thiery, was first launched in France in May 2018 and in the United States in October 2019.

How to Use YouCare

YouCare is completely free.

On computers, you can set YouCare as your default search engine with browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

On tablets and smartphones, you can download the free YouCare iOS and Android app.

To install YouCare on your smartphone or computer, click on this link:

YouCare’s Partner Shelters

YouCare donates money to its partner shelters so that they can buy food for the animals they care for.

YouCare supports shelters in the United States and in France that rescue dogs, cats and other pets (rabbits, birds, reptiles, etc.).

The map of YouCare’s partner shelters is available here.

Any shelters that would like to partner with YouCare can subscribe using this form.

YouCare publishes all donation certificates on its website and photos of the donated meals on its Facebook page.


Donating Meals

Every time YouCare users click on a sponsored search result, they generate revenue.

Every 45 searches, users generate enough clicks on the sponsored search results to enable YouCare to finance a meal for an animal.

45 searches generate, on average, 20 cents in ad revenue for YouCare. Of those 20 cents, 10 cents go towards financing a meal for an animal in a shelter. The remaining 10 cents pay YouCare’s overhead costs, such as the servers, salaries, rent, etc.

Cost of one Meal

The 10 cents that YouCare donates per meal correspond to the average cost a shelter has to pay to feed a dog, cat, or other rescued animal (rabbits, birds, reptiles, etc.). This number takes into account the fact that shelters can often purchase food at a discounted rate and sometimes receive food donations.

Search Results

All of the search results and sponsored links displayed on YouCare are provided by Microsoft.

You can compare our search results with those of Google at any time – just click on the “Google” button in the search bar.

Carbon Compensation

YouCare compensates 100% of the CO₂ emissions of its servers, its office activity, and employees’ transportation by financing the planting of trees around the world with the Eden Reforestation Projects organization.

The CO₂ emissions produced for YouCare’s search results are compensated by Microsoft’s carbon-free program.

Privacy Protection

YouCare does not store its user’s searches.

YouCare doesn’t use any fingerprinting or behavioral targeting technologies.

All searches are protected from end to end by strong SSL encryption.

Our full personal data and privacy notice is accessible on our Privacy Policy page.

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