How does YouCare finance good deeds?

Where does YouCare’s turnover come from ?

YouCare is a charitable search engine that uses advertising revenue to fund its partner associations.

YouCare’s advertising revenue comes from users’ clicks on search results marked with the word “Ad”.

How does YouCare use its turnover?

Every 45 searches, a user makes on average enough clicks on commercial links for YouCare to collect 20 euro cents of advertising revenue.

Of these 20 euro cents, 10 cents is used to finance good actions. The remaining 10 cents are used to pay for YouCare’s structural costs such as servers, payroll, rent, etc.

YouCare pays 50 % of its turnover to achieve the good deeds of its users.


How to control the right payment of YouCare’s turnover to associations?

You will find on the certificates of donations page the history of all the donations made by YouCare for the benefit of its partner associations.

On this page, you can also see photos of the good deeds they were able to achieve thanks to donations.

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